Ford Launches Brand to Sell Auto Parts for Competitors Vehicles

The Ford Motor Company has been around for quite some time. Unlike other car brands which have come and gone, this one has stood the test of time. Though most of their products and makes were not major hits in the market, they have been able to stamp there authority in most of the segments in the market.


Having said that they are now launching new brand called Omnicraft. They have done that to sell parts to Ford dealers to fix competitors vehicles. Of course they will sell Ford car parts. The global business for automotive parts is now estimated at $500 billion. It is a smart move because they are not directly affecting the sales or supply for their competitors.

Ford car parts


Significance of buying Ford parts from online stores


There has been a great debate for quite a while on whether purchasing Ford car parts from online stores or traditional malls is beneficial. To be honest, both are good and sell original and genuine parts. But, when you stand to make a bulk purchase, then doing it through an online source would be great because you stand to get a huge discount when compared to the store.


Online stores like Amazon are known to provide discounts on most of their products. The same can be said about other online stores which sell car parts and accessories in the United States of America and the United Kingdom. Not to mention today, there are many fake items doing the round in the market.


You certainly don’t want to end up getting your car fitted with a duplicate product which will most probably harm your car engine and affect the functioning. Though it going to be your decision, you will want to think hard on getting your car spares and accessories from the traditional shops, which have only one thing in mind, how to make more money.