How to win high stake pitches in business communication?

Pitching in business communication is a sales cycle compressed into a very less span of time, possibly as much as 20 minutes or even less than that. Whilst sales are much of an interactive process, including  a good sales person being attentive to much more than speaking himself/herself, one of the greatest difficulties in a pitching session is the buyer’s expectation which the sales person only talk about, while they only  listen and tend to make up their minds. Therefore if the sales person does not get the “right” notion of what the client has to offer, no deal is to be made.

Often business people face critical situations when they have the biggest deal of the year and still will not be ready for participation. In such case, how can anyone give oneself an unfair advantage in winner over this crisis? This can be done by challenging the strategies and preparing oneself for senior decision maker meetings and work out on outstanding themes so that you can question your own abilities of not winning over such a crisis.

salient communication

To win over high stake deals, one must take into account the following things:

  • How to validate one’s ownqualifications and stand up as valuable to the significant decision makers
  • How to distinguish one’s solution
  • How to exercise psychological methods  to create desire (emotional storytelling)
  • How to be decisively and with authority link one’s solution to their respective  problem
  • How to be excessively convincing in the final presentation
  • How  to portray creativity together with ‘pitch themes’ to win over
  • brand new ideas and insights that only experts can deliver

When the pressure is on, and the stakes are high, performance can suffer. Salient communication offers a great way to win over high stake pitches. Their consultation and training programs had motivated a number of business people over the years. Try to avail more at