Importance of Regular Eye Examination on Health

The most important thing one should keep in mind in relation to eye health is that one should regularly do eye examination once a year for overall health. It is said that an annual eye examination can help to detect signs of some very serious health issues such as high cholesterol, diabetes and also brain tumor.

Many of the symptoms related to health will not be visible until most of the harmis done, but with an annual eye check up one can monitor the overall health and can identify what is happening in the body. It is well known that human eye is the best place of the body which provides an insight into the health condition of the arteries, cranial nerve, and blood vessels. The health status of these three indicators is enough for the doctor to know about the overall health status of the person. The experts from the opticalvisionguru ( will also provide information on the importance of regular eye check up for better health.



There are studies and documented cases reporting about the serious health conditions that would have detected earlier if the patient would have taken regular eye check up. As per the research and past medical reports, doctors could diagnose various tumors and several diabetic cases only through eye examination in patients who were not knowing about their health condition.

Doctors have reported that in cases wherein blood is found at the back of eye indicates that the patient has diabetes. Many patients can learn and understand about these type of symptoms through regular eye examination at least once a year. During the regular eyecheck up the doctors will check and look for signs and symptoms of all the serious health issues and conditions such as high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, muscular degeneration, and glaucoma. During regular check up one can detect these health issues in early stages itself and thus early detection of these serious conditions will help to keep the patient healthy.