Learn the Different Types of Fabrics of All sarongs Found In the Market

The much trendy sampot is going gaga all over the fashion fiesta.The allsarongs are lightweight which makes it all the more desirable. It would be interesting to know the kind of fabrics used to make the spellbound lamba.

  • Batik allsarongs

It is the traditional way used to make the pareos. It uses organic dyes. It is hand-woven and no two batik prints come same.There is a wax treatment done to the fabric.

  • Cotton pareos

This is the most comfort sarongs used all over the globe.It can also have batik print on it. There are various floral prints, animal prints, etc. that you may find in this pattern.

  • Silk sarongs

This is a must have in a wardrobe for sure. The fall of this sarong is excellent.  It is durable and easy to maintain as well. The prints are vibrant and light weighted too.


  • Crochetkanga

The crochet kinds are made up of metallic thread. It is stylish in nature. It can be found in metal colors such as silver, gold, black, bronze etc. It can be used even for a party wear or an evening wear.

  • Chiffon fouta

This kind of fabric is not recommendable much. This is a very thin material, so it does not serve the purpose of a sarong. However, stylists use it with dyed colors.

  • Charmeuse Macawis

It is a combination of satin and silk. The drapes of such kanga come well. You can find them in either a matt finish or a shiny texture.  This is more used for party occasions.

  • Ombre lamba

One of the sorted Italian fabrics in sarongs is Ombre. Thecolors merge with each other well. It is a must have in your closet. https://www.allsarongs.com will let you know more on this.

Ultimately a sarong is a must have in your wardrobe.