Never too old for a game of scrabbles


Do you sometimes feel like you are too old to sit down with a good old board game with the kids? Although board games that made our childhood a better place are slowly disappearing from the face of earth, there is still some hope for us. Developers have decided to take the authentic board games of our childhood such as Chess, Checkers, Scrabbles, WordFeud etc. and given them a new twist in sites like . These games can now be played and enjoyed by you and your children with equal enthusiasm. They do not require a physical board anymore. All you need is your smart phone and you can start playing these board games again.


project lexicon


Discrete fun

Fun does not always have to be violent or loud right? Try explaining that to your teenage kids who thrive on battle games and speed-racing games on their Play stations and Xboxes. These games have become such a rage that some kids have even started displaying violent traits in school because of the continuous exposure to violent and gory graphics on the computer screen. Why would a soldier killing people for no good reason be a source of entertainment right? Well, even if your kid does not agree to your logic, try to introduce them to the kind of games you played as a kid. Get them to play on project lexicon and watch them have fun without being exposed to aggressive behaviour all the time!


Learn more words

You can now teach your kids new words without allowing them to understand that you are actually trying to teach them something. That may sound deceitful but if it is for the greater good, then so be it. And even if you do not have kids, you can just log in and enjoy a good board game any time. Who said you are too old for a board game?