Real Life problems of women at workplace

Our life is comprised of equivalent amounts of euphoria and distresses. A man who figures out how to understand his or her stresses make his life peace and cheerful. It is said that the most issue are confronted by the ladies in everyday life. Regardless of whether it is a man or a thing it assumes a part in making this nature work. On the off chance that we go to the human then both men and ladies have their own arrangement of obligations and significance in their families, nature and some more. Ladies are the most regarded and vital endowment of nature to this general public. Women who works in some companies or at job are facing many problems now a days.

Women problem at workplace

Today women cannot be ignored in any fields, as they are participating equal to the men and are giving best result. Women are found to be more successful than the men today. From the field of job to piloting the jet, women are playing their lead roles in every department. At workplace women are also facing many problems like some due to the work and other due to some people.


The most common women tensions at workplace are:

  • Sexual Harassments
  • Less number of Women Ratio
  • Unhealthy office environment and family problems
  • Less Security
  • In men dominated society lack of women role model.
  • Discrimination regarding the pregnancy
  • Less number of maternity leaves
  • Also many times women have to face discrimination on the basis of gender.

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