The Rise of EBooks


EBooks are on the prowl. Actually, they have been gaining immense popularity and widespread usage since a long time ago. Today, you can find an eBook for almost any subject. It can be a technical guide, a book on social media marketing, or a classic novel. It’s even easier to get essays written with services like

There are many factors that give power to the eBook medium. Chief among them are the power to self-publish; ease of transmission, delivery, and sending; ease of editing; the capability to be read on a wild range of devices from smartphones and tablets to PCs, notebooks, and smart TVs; and so on.

EBooks enjoy superior exposure because they are a digital file, rather than a physical “thing.”

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Are eBooks threatening books?

Indeed, they are. EBooks have long been doing this. At first we never thought eBooks would be able to replace books, but now they are doing exactly that. Let’s take myself for example. I’m an avid reader and it’s one of my hobbies to consume literature. Lately, quite unknowingly and unintentionally, I’ve consumed about half the literature on digital devices of my total count.

I didn’t specifically and deliberately try to do it. It just … happened. That’s the power of eBooks: permeating through people’s mind while being unnoticed how dependent we are becoming on them. You might find a digital copy of a book you want to read but are not too desperate about reading it for much cheaper than a paperback version. The delivery is instant. Slowly, you get used to this and buy even more eBooks. Next time you are thinking or writing something like a novel, you give eBooks their fair share of thought. If you are, know that if you need any ideas, you can use websites like My Essay Services.

In conclusion

EBooks offer a crazy variety of advantages like instant delivery, greater exposure, no production cost, editing capability, and so on – but they won’t replace books altogether. As long as the taste for reading good material remains, eBooks will be kept under check.