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The world of music is something that is quite vast, where topics can range from the latest that is going on in the form of news, to album and instrument reviews and so much more in between. For a music lover, this is all important to them so finding a website that covers it all can be a bit of task on its own. Thankfully, there is now a site that is trying to do exactly that, bring all the types of information, news and everything else, into one site for you music lovers to get it at. That site is called


the box tiger music


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Firstly lets get into who is running the site and find out more about him. It’s run by Thomas Boxtiger, a musician, composer and songwriter in his own right that decided to use his wealth of knowledge and contacts across the industry to bring relevant info and news to everyone. He is doing exactly that with theboxtigermusic through the frequent updates to the blog, with everything from helpful tips, useful ideas and tons of other information available to anyone who visits the site. The other side of the website is the instrument reviews that are posted up there on the latest instruments to hit the market. These reviews are conducted independently and are thanks to Thomas’s contacts within the industry. He is able to get his hands on the latest equipment and bring you detail reviews, each of which have their own specific review process he puts them through.


So if you are looking for some tips, advice or just want to know if a certain instrument is worth the money you are about to spend on it, then head over to now and find out for yourself.